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The Team Hornaday Development Program

Racing is in our blood. We’ve grown up at race tracks around the country, and in some cases the world, and have a passion for helping build and cultivate the next generation of racers and champions. When we developed Team Hornaday Development, our goal was to be different, to stand out in how we helped drivers develop in to the best version of themselves. We have assembled the best in the business and are proud to offer various tiers of Team Hornaday Development.  With our relationships and partnerships, we are able to offer these services in house at Team Hornaday Development as part of our overall goals and missions.

Ron Hornaday Jr & Landen Lewis

Company Goals:

We strive to teach the importance of making sure the next generation of racers has the skills, knowledge and attitude to take on the challenging world of auto racing. We teach media skills and provide media training, social media engagement, career path mapping and marketing, and advise drivers how to act on and off the racetrack. We encourage drivers how to properly engage with and build partner relationship for long-term sponsorship reward, and to interact with fans in order to earn their loyalty and support. We want drivers to strengthen their physical and mental training in order to be at their best while in a race car, for optimal results.


A Word from Team Hornaday Development

Candice Hornaday: “I grew up at the race track traveling with my dad as he chased his dreams, so racing is what I know. As I got older and my dad moved from racing full time to being at the track with his grandkids and helping younger drivers develop their skills, I saw a need for not just supporting these young drivers on the track, but off the track. From that, I developed Team Hornaday Development. It’s a full scale operation where we can help drivers learn how to be better and develop in all aspects. I’m fortunate to have my dad as a mentor and show his skills and what helped propel him to a Hall of Fame career and great relationships with veterans of the sport who also believe in what we are doing at THD. It’s been a rewarding experience to see the results of hard work and passion pay off and when you spend every day and night at the track and helping these drivers, there is nothing better than seeing their success. Racing is a family sport and we’ve got a great family at THD that I’m excited to see what we can do in the years to come.”

Ron Hornaday Jr.: “I had a great career behind the wheel and always had the support of my family behind me. As I transitioned out of the driver seat, my focus became more on my kids and grandkids. To see Candice build Team Hornaday Development has been a lot of fun and rewarding as a parent. To be a part of what she has build and help mentor the next group of young drivers has kept me involved in racing and at the track. We’ve got some kids coming up that we’ll be watching in the future and I think have the talent to win races and championships in their career.

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